Due to the situation with the corona virus, many of our children have been told they need to repeat their grade because they did not have internet for online learning, or the support from their parents or others to help them study at home.

 We aim to keep the club activities running when the pandemic restrictions allow, and to resume full activity when the restrictions are lifted. In the interim we will continue to prepare learning materials to drop off at the building, as well as online activities with all of the children who are able to work with us online.

We plan to continue to help the children with their school work, create individual learning plans, and to the best of our ability coordinate this with their teachers.

In general we are looking for funding to make sure that we can resume full activities as soon as Covid restrictions relieve and allow. The kids will all the more need the academic help, and even more so, positive feedback, encouragement and support they desperately need after being cooped up in small quarters with little exercise, ability to be themselves, explore, play these many long months.


During Covid restrictions:

We will continue to create and provide learning materials to drop off at the building for the children. We will support the mentors in working with the the children online so that they can continue their important work of tutoring and motivating the children through this difficult time.