Roza studied history and arts. She is one of the two original volunteers who identified the needs of the children the Klubík serves. She has been the mainstay of the program, having helped initiate and sustain the program since it’s inception. Roza helps design the overall program, and coordinates closely with the children’s parents. She is the primary on-site organizer.


Tamara is a teaching assistant. She leads activities that help children focus, set and reach goals, and she is a homework tutor, regularly helping the children with their schoolwork. She is an important key part of the team, and is also currently training in the Feurstein method to see how it’s approach can be used to help their children in their approach to learning.


Katka is a primary school educator who also has a specialization in music and conducting. She has worked with the Klubík kids since 2016, co-creating the program as an invaluable member of the core team. She continues to lead activities and tutor the children. She is inspiring, meets the kids where they are and encourages them, and does not let them give up on themselves or on the goals they set.


Patrik is a professional parkour and gymnastics trainer. He leads the children in physical activities which involve improving muscle tone, coordination, and does so through challenging and fun activities. His club sessions are extremely popular, and is the first physical training activity that both the girls and boys enjoy equally. He is highly respected and great in motivating the kids.


Adina is a primary school educator. She is a vibrant and motivational activity leader, who helps not only with learning and creative activities, but in creating a sense of order, respect for self and others, and increased self awareness among the children. She is also a local entrepreneur, and encourages the kids to be creative and resilient in meeting challenges without giving up on their goals.